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How to Get Access to My Account

Method #1

Click here to send an email to our site administrator, Stanley Appleman, Class of 1983.

Include your email and cell phone so we can secure your account.

Your information is held safe by our administrator, encrypted and will never be shared.


Method #2

If your email program does not automatically open when you click the link above, please use the alternate method below.

Copy the email below and send to the administrator, stanley@getsmartpromotions.com

SUBJECT: 1982 NHHS Access to My Account


I would like access to my account.
Here is my email address and cell phone number to secure my account.

Class of 1982
Full Name -
Email -
Cell Phone -


A note from Stanley.
I am creating a slide show for the Class of 1982.
Please attach some high school photos for the slide show.

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